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Films & DVDs Released in 2000
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Films & DVDs Released in 2000
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Fall 2000 Releases Click here for the Spring releases
  • Alonso's Dream - A contemplative and critical look at the impact the Zapatista uprising and paramilitary violence have had on the Mayan people. (new September, 2000)

  • Fernando is Back - Documents the workings of Chile's forensic Identification Unit in its quest to reclaim the identities of those 'disappeared' and killed during the Pinochet dictatorship. (new October, 2000)

  • The InternationaleThe Internationale - Draws on people's stories of an emotionally charged radical song (the long-time anthem of socialism and communism) to celebrate the relationship between music and social change. (new November, 2000)

  • Kumar Talkies - In Kalpi, a small city in northern India, Kumar Talkies is the only movie theater in town. This film juxtaposes life in the village, with the world of rebellion and romance on the silver screen. (new October, 2000)

  • Magnum Photos - Behind-the-scenes of the Magnum Photos agency, and in-the-field with several of the group's leading photographers (including Martin Parr, Larry Towell, Donovan Wylie, and others). (new August, 2000)

  • Naji Al-Ali, An Artist with Vision - Examines the forces that shaped cartoonist Naji Al-Ali as an artist, as a human being, and shows how his experiences mirror those of other exiled Palestinians. (new October, 2000)

  • Old Men - An intimate ethnographic portrait of the elderly men living on one street in Beijing, China. (new October, 2000)

  • One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevich - Renowned filmmaker Chris Marker's homage to his friend and colleague, Andrei Tarkovsky. A unique and intimate portrait of the legendary Russian filmmaker. (new September, 2000)

  • Once RemovedOnce Removed - A young woman's trip to China to meet her mother's relatives for the first time. Combining historical footage with life stories, an intriguing investigation into a family history inextricably linked with China's tumultuous past. (new October, 2000)

  • Where is Grandma Zheng's Homeland? - At 17, Zheng Shunyi was taken by the Japanese as a 'comfort woman' from her home in Korea to Hunan, China, where she stayed. Now 70-year-old Grandma Zheng wants to return to her hometown before dying. But would she be going home? (new October, 2000)

Spring 2000 Releases Click here for the Fall releases
  • Coincidence in Paradise - Delves into the mystery of our origins, seeking the latest discoveries that may answer the question - What exactly was it that first initiated our genesis, our species' actual birth? (new April, 2000)

  • Diamonds in the Dark - From a traditional village bordering Ukraine, to the relatively sophisticated city of Bucharest, a portrait of how Romanian women lived under the old regime, and how they confront the new problems of the post-communist era. (new April, 2000)

  • Give Us Our Skeletons! - Niillas Somby, a Sami, an ethnic group which inhabits northern Scandinavia, is fighting against the Norwegian authorities, trying to compel them to release the skull of a rebellious ancestor. (new April, 2000)

  • Just Watch MeJust Watch Me - The Canadian "70's Generation" - growing up under the elegant and enigmatic Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau. (new July, 2000)

  • Light, Darkness, and Colours - Using Goethe's Theory of Colors (Zur Farbenlehre) as a point of departure, takes us on a fascinating journey through the universe of colors. (new April, 2000)

  • Lost - Being lost is more than a physical state. This film investigates what researchers are learning about the human reaction to being lost and how we find our way to safety. (new July, 2000)

  • Medellin Notebooks - In one high school class in Medellin, Colombia, the students are asked to record their personal and family stories in notebooks. (new July, 2000)

  • A Mobile World - A fascinating and comprehensive look at the current telecommunications revolution and the growing concerns over the ever-widening digital divide. (new May, 2000)

  • Mobutu, King of Zaire - The definitive history and visual record of the rise and fall of Joseph Désiré Mobutu, ruler of Zaire (the Congo) for over 30 years. (new April, 2000)

  • Russia's Wonder Children - The child prodigy pianists, and the story of Moscow's famed Central Music School. (new July, 2000)

  • Searching for Hawa's Secret - The human story of an unlikely partnership between a Canadian doctor and a Kenyan prostitute in the scientific quest to find a vaccine for AIDS. (new March, 2000)

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