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Films & DVDs Released in 2020
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  • Film Still

    Bamako - Directed by Abderrahmane Sissako, BAMAKO is both a courtroom drama and portrait of everyday Mali life.

  • Lost Course - In the village of Wukan, corrupt officials illegally sell villagers’ land. An unprecedented experiment in local democracy.

September 2020 Releases

  • Egg Cream - The beloved chocolate soda drink, born in immigrant neighborhoods at the turn of the 20th century, is explored in this short film about a simple beverage and its meaning to generations of Jewish Americans.

  • Film Still

    Lemebel - Writer, artist and pioneer of the queer movement in Latin America, Pedro Lemebel shook up Chilean society during Pinochet’s dictatorship.

  • Markie in Milwaukee - Markie, a 7-foot-tall Midwestern evangelical minister, struggles with her transgender identity.

  • Outcry and Whisper - A political manifesto for the resistance of women, be they workers, intellectuals or militants, in China and Hong Kong.

  • Prison for Profit - Whistleblowers, former prisoners and an investigative journalist paint a shocking picture of South Africa’s first privatized prison.

  • Film Still

    Softie - Daring and audacious, Softie is one of Kenya's most accomplished photojournalists. But running for office could be his most difficult assignment yet.

  • Xu Bing: Phoenix - Documents the process of creating Xu Bing's monumental bird sculpture through to its installation at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA).

  • Film Still

    Yiddish - Seven young scholars share their love for Yiddish, and for the avant-garde Yiddish poetry written between the World Wars.

Spring 2020 Releases
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  • The Children of 209 Saint-Maur Street - An emotional piece of experimental historiography which focuses on French children whose lives were upended by World War II.

  • How to Steal a Country - The story of the Gupta family’s spectacular rise from flea market shoe salesmen to establishing a massive black owned business empire in South Africa.

  • In Mansourah, You Separated Us - The director returns to Algeria with her father to learn about how his village was destroyed during the Algerian War of Independence (1954–1962) and his family relocated by force.

  • Film Still

    Marius Petipa: The French Master of Russian Ballet - Tells the extraordinary story of Marius Petipa, the groundbreaking French choreographer who went on to create Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty.

  • Propaganda: The Manufacture of Consent - Tells the history of how public relations and propaganda are used to control democratic nations.

  • Route One/USA - Two men (director Robert Kramer and Paul McIsaac) return to the U.S. after years abroad where they follow Route 1 from Maine to Miami and encounter a tapestry of American life.

  • Film StillSpace Dogs - Laika, a stray dog, was the first living being sent into space. The adventures of her descendants, living on the streets of Moscow today.

  • Suspension - Deep in the misty jungle of southern Colombia, between treacherously steep mountain slopes, stands an unfinished concrete bridge as an absurd symbol of human folly. It’s as if there’s a conspiracy between nature, politicians and foolish arrogance.

  • Film StillUrsula von Rydingsvard: Into Her Own - An artistic biography of one of the few women in the world working in monumental sculpture.

  • With André Gide - A highly personal portrait of André Gide — a larger-than-life character who dominated French letters from the turn of the 20th century to his death in 1951.

Fall 2019 Releases
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  • The Cordillera of Dreams - Patricio Guzmán's latest film completes a trilogy on his native Chile, and the lasting impact of Pinochet’s coup d’etat.

  • Film StillDying for Gold - The history of gold mining and capitalism in South Africa; and of the disease and poverty which persists to this day.

  • Girls Always Happy - A feature film which confronts contemporary Chinese life with a brand new perspective, as it portrays a fraught single-mother, daughter relationship in Beijing.

  • Heimat Is a Space in Time - Exploring his family’s history over generations, director Thomas Heise confronts all the upheavals of 20th-century German history.

  • Horror Noire - After a century of films that caricatured, sidelined, and finally embraced them, this film traces a secret history of Black Americans and their connection to the horror-film genre.

  • Jinpa - Pema Tseden’s new film: On the path of life, sometimes we meet someone whose dreams overtake our own to the point that they converge.

  • Film StillOf Shadows - Set in China’s Loess Plateau, Of Shadows captures the liveliness and resilience of a local traveling group of shadow-play artists.

  • Film StillThe Search (La Búsqueda) - Thirty years after civil war in Peru, three people go on a quest to recover from loss and heal the wounds left by violence.

  • Spears from All Sides - Continuing the story started in Trinkets and Beads (1995), in Ecuador, the Waorani people resist the destruction of one of most remote and beautiful areas of the world.

  • Waiting for the Carnival - In Toritama, in Brazil's northeast, people work all year making blue-jeans, looking forward to their one annual holiday.

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